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  • 8,9-Dehydrocurvularin; alfa,beta-Dehydrocurvularin

    8,9-Dehydrocurvularin; alfa,beta-Dehydrocurvularin

    Product Code: CL0018
    CAS #: 21178-57-4
    Formula: C16H18O5
    Molecular Weight: 290
    Chemical Class: Macrolide
    Bio-activity: Antifungal, Cytotoxic, Phytotoxic
  • Cercosporamide

    Product Code: AD0155
    CAS #: 131436-22-1
    Formula: C16H13NO7
    Molecular Weight: 331
    Chemical Class: Benzofuran
    Bio-activity: Antifungal, Kinase inhibitor, Phytotoxic
  • Dendryol D

    Dendryol D

    Product Code: CL0297
    Formula: C15H16O6
    Molecular Weight: 292
    Chemical Class: Anthraquinone
    Bio-activity: Barnyard grass, Phytotoxic
  • Herboxidiene


    Product Code: AD0063
    CAS #: 142861-00-5
    Formula: C25H42O6
    Molecular Weight: 438
    Chemical Class: Polyketide
    Bio-activity: Cytotoxic, Herbicidal, Phytotoxic
  • Periconicin B

    Periconicin B

    Product Code: CL0040
    CAS #: 666733-51-3
    Formula: C20H28O4
    Molecular Weight: 332,4
    Chemical Class: Terpene
    Bio-activity: Antibacterial, Antifungal, Candida albicans, Phytotoxic, Plant growth stimulant, T. rubrum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes
  • Phomenone


    Product Code: CL0603
    CAS #: 55785-58-5
    Formula: C15H20O4
    Molecular Weight: 264
    Chemical Class: Terpene
    Bio-activity: Necrotic lesions in plants, Phytotoxic
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