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  • 2-Oxo-2,3-dihydro-4-benzoxazole-carboxylic acid

    2-Oxo-2,3-dihydro-4-benzoxazole-carboxylic acid

    Product Code: CL0398
    CAS #: 100960-55-2
    Formula: C8H5NO4
    Molecular Weight: 179
    Chemical Class: Alkaloid
    Bio-activity: Antiangiogenesis, Antibiotic
  • CL0434


    Product Code: CL0434
    Formula: C20H23ClN4O5
    Molecular Weight: 434,8
    Chemical Class: Alkaloid
  • CL0596


    Product Code: CL0596
    Formula: C32H32N2O4
    Molecular Weight: 508,6
    Chemical Class: Alkaloid
  • CL0597


    Product Code: CL0597
    Formula: C37H40N2O4
    Molecular Weight: 576,7
    Chemical Class: Alkaloid
  • Communesin B

    Communesin B

    Product Code: CL0259
    Formula: C32H36N4O2
    Molecular Weight: 508,7
    Chemical Class: Alkaloid
  • Fiscalin C

    Product Code: AD0187
    CAS #: 149008-36-6
    Formula: C27H29N5O4
    Molecular Weight: 487
    Chemical Class: Alkaloid
  • Fumitremorgin B

    Fumitremorgin B

    Product Code: CL0679
    CAS #: 12626-17-4
    Formula: C27H33N3O5
    Molecular Weight: 479
    Chemical Class: Alkaloid
  • K-252b


    Product Code: JU0113
    CAS #: 99570-78-2
    Formula: C26H19N3O5
    Molecular Weight: 453
    Chemical Class: Alkaloid
    Bio-activity: Protein kinase C inhibitor
  • Lynamicin B

    Lynamicin B

    Product Code: CL0309
    Formula: C22H14Cl3N3O2
    Molecular Weight: 457
    Chemical Class: Alkaloid
    Bio-activity: Antibacterial, g-neg., g-pos., Methicillin-resistant STAU, Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium
  • Oxaline


    Product Code: CL0095
    CAS #: 55623-37-5
    Formula: C24H25N5O4
    Molecular Weight: 447
    Chemical Class: Alkaloid
  • Pimprinine


    Product Code: CL0272
    CAS #: 13640-26-1
    Formula: C12H10N2O
    Molecular Weight: 198
    Chemical Class: Alkaloid
    Bio-activity: Antiepileptic effects
  • Pyrrocidine A

    Pyrrocidine A

    Product Code: AD0060
    Formula: C31H37NO4
    Molecular Weight: 487
    Chemical Class: Alkaloid
    Bio-activity: Antibiotic
  • Staurosporine; AM 2282; M 193

    Staurosporine; AM 2282; M 193

    Product Code: PB0005
    CAS #: 62996-74-1
    Formula: C28H26N4O3
    Molecular Weight: 466
    Chemical Class: Alkaloid
    Bio-activity: Antibiotic, Antifungal, Cytotoxic, Kinase inhibitor
  • Streptazolin


    Product Code: CL0568
    CAS #: 80152-07-4
    Formula: C11H13NO3
    Molecular Weight: 207,2
    Chemical Class: Alkaloid
  • Verruculogen


    Product Code: AD0189
    CAS #: 12771-72-1
    Formula: C27H33N3O7
    Molecular Weight: 511
    Chemical Class: Alkaloid
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