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  • Myceliothermophin C

    Myceliothermophin C

    Product Code: AD0074
    CAS #: 955083-88-2
    Formula: C27H41NO3
    Molecular Weight: 427
    Chemical Class: Terpenoid
    Bio-activity: Cytotoxic
  • Myceliothermophin E

    Myceliothermophin E

    Product Code: AD0066
    CAS #: 955083-90-6
    Formula: C26H37NO2
    Molecular Weight: 395
    Chemical Class: Terpenoid
    Bio-activity: Cytotoxic
  • Variculanol


    Product Code: AD0056
    CAS #: 135513-21-2
    Formula: C25H40O2
    Molecular Weight: 372
    Chemical Class: Terpenoid
  • Variculanol Diacetate

    Variculanol Diacetate

    Product Code: AD0057
    CAS #: 135513-22-3
    Formula: C29H44O4
    Molecular Weight: 456
    Chemical Class: Terpenoid
  • Variecolin


    Product Code: AD0055
    CAS #: 133101-16-3
    Formula: C25H36O2
    Molecular Weight: 368
    Chemical Class: Terpenoid
    Bio-activity: Angiotensin II receptor binding inhibitor, Antibiotic, g-pos.
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