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  • N,O-Diacetyltyramine

    Product Code: AD0217
    CAS #: 14383-56-3
    Formula: C12H15NO3
    Molecular Weight: 221
    Chemical Class: Aminoacid
  • Nalanthalide


    Product Code: JU0111
    CAS #: 145603-76-5
    Formula: C30H44O5
    Molecular Weight: 484
    Chemical Class: Diterpene
    Bio-activity: Blocks voltage-gated potassium channel
  • Napyradiomycin A

    Napyradiomycin A

    Product Code: AD0034
    CAS #: 103106-24-7
    Formula: C25H30Cl2O5
    Molecular Weight: 480
    Chemical Class: Napyradiomycin
    Bio-activity: Antibiotic, Estrogen receptor antagonist, g-pos.
  • Nigericin


    Product Code: CL0011
    CAS #: 28380-24-7
    Formula: C40H68O11
    Molecular Weight: 725
    Chemical Class: Polyether
    Bio-activity: Antibiotic, Antifungal, Ionophore
  • Nocardamine; Norcardamin; Deferrioxamine E; Desferri-ferrioxamin-E; Proferrioxamine-E

    Nocardamine; Norcardamin; Deferrioxamine E; Desferri-ferrioxamin-E; Proferrioxamine-E

    Product Code: JU0045
    CAS #: 26605-16-3
    Formula: C27H48N6O9
    Molecular Weight: 601
    Chemical Class: Cyclopeptide
    Bio-activity: Antibiotic, Mycob. sp.
  • Nonactinic acid

    Nonactinic acid

    Product Code: CL0486
    CAS #: 60761-12-8
    Formula: C10H18O4
    Molecular Weight: 202
    Chemical Class: Tetrahydrofuran
  • Novobiocin


    Product Code: CL0188
    CAS #: 303-81-1
    Formula: C31H36N2O11
    Molecular Weight: 612
    Chemical Class: Coumarina
    Bio-activity: Antibiotic
  • O-Di-Norlichexanthone, Fusarindin

    O-Di-Norlichexanthone, Fusarindin

    Product Code: CL0478
    CAS #: 20716-98-7
    Formula: C14H10O5
    Molecular Weight: 258
    Chemical Class: Xanthone
    Bio-activity: Antibiotic, Clostridium welchii
  • Oligomycin B

    Oligomycin B

    Product Code: CL0099
    CAS #: 11050-94-5
    Formula: C45H72O12
    Molecular Weight: 805
    Chemical Class: Macrolide
    Bio-activity: Antifungal
  • Oosporein

    Product Code: JU0098
    CAS #: 475-54-7
    Formula: C14H10O8
    Molecular Weight: 306
    Chemical Class: Bibenzoquinone
  • Oxaline


    Product Code: CL0095
    CAS #: 55623-37-5
    Formula: C24H25N5O4
    Molecular Weight: 447
    Chemical Class: Alkaloid
  • Oxotomaymycin

    Product Code: AD0182
    CAS #: 35050-54-5
    Formula: C15H16N2O4
    Molecular Weight: 288
    Chemical Class: Benzodiazepine
  • p-Hydroxyphenopyrrozin


    Product Code: CL0298
    CAS #: 887602-12-2
    Formula: C13H13NO3
    Molecular Weight: 231
    Chemical Class: Pyrrolizidine
  • Pachybasin


    Product Code: CL0460
    CAS #: 2549-78-2
    Formula: C15H10O3
    Molecular Weight: 238
    Chemical Class: Anthraquinone
  • Palitantin


    Product Code: CL0329
    CAS #: 15265-28-8
    Formula: C14H22O4
    Molecular Weight: 254,3
    Chemical Class: Polyketide
    Bio-activity: Antibiotic, Antifungal
  • Papyracillic acid

    Papyracillic acid

    Product Code: JU0078
    CAS #: 179308-49-7
    Formula: C11H14O5
    Molecular Weight: 226
    Chemical Class: Tetronic Acid
  • Paxilline


    Product Code: CL0035
    CAS #: 57186-25-1
    Formula: C27H33NO4
    Molecular Weight: 436
    Chemical Class: Indole alkaloid
  • Pentalenic acid

    Pentalenic acid

    Product Code: CL0475
    CAS #: 69394-19-0
    Formula: C15H22O3
    Molecular Weight: 250
    Chemical Class: Terpene
  • Pentalenolactone D

    Pentalenolactone D

    Product Code: CL0473
    CAS #: 138458-84-1
    Formula: C15H20O4
    Molecular Weight: 264,1
    Chemical Class: Terpene
  • Periconicin B

    Periconicin B

    Product Code: CL0040
    CAS #: 666733-51-3
    Formula: C20H28O4
    Molecular Weight: 332,4
    Chemical Class: Terpene
    Bio-activity: Antibacterial, Antifungal, Candida albicans, Phytotoxic, Plant growth stimulant, T. rubrum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes
  • Pericosine A

    Pericosine A

    Product Code: CH0042
    CAS #: 200335-68-8
    Formula: C8H11ClO5
    Molecular Weight: 223
    Chemical Class: Cyclohexene
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