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  • Sulochrin


    Product Code: CL0072
    CAS #: 519-57-3
    Formula: C17H16O7
    Molecular Weight: 332
    Chemical Class: Diphenyl-ketone
  • Tanzawaic Acid B

    Product Code: AD0100
    CAS #: 169181-33-3
    Formula: C18H26O2
    Molecular Weight: 274
    Chemical Class: Terpene
  • Tanzawaic acid B sodium salt

    Tanzawaic acid B sodium salt

    Product Code: CL0567
    Formula: C18H25NaO2
    Molecular Weight: 296
    Chemical Class: Terpene
  • Tanzawaic acid E

    Tanzawaic acid E

    Product Code: CL0075
    CAS #: 289500-83-0
    Formula: C18H26O3
    Molecular Weight: 290
    Chemical Class: Terpene
  • Terphenyllin


    Product Code: CH0039
    CAS #: 52452-60-5
    Formula: C20H18O5
    Molecular Weight: 338
    Chemical Class: Terphenyl
  • Terrein


    Product Code: CL0347
    CAS #: 582-46-7
    Formula: C8H10O3
    Molecular Weight: 154
    Chemical Class: Butenolide
    Bio-activity: Antibiotic, Melanogenesis inhibitor
  • Thaxtomin A; Phytotoxin 1

    Thaxtomin A; Phytotoxin 1

    Product Code: JU0006
    CAS #: 122380-18-1
    Formula: C22H22N4O6
    Molecular Weight: 438
    Chemical Class: Ardeemine
  • Thiocoraline


    Product Code: JU0112
    CAS #: 173046-02-1
    Formula: C48H56N10O12S6
    Molecular Weight: 1157
    Chemical Class: Thiopeptide
    Bio-activity: Cytotoxic, RNA synth. inhibitor
  • Tolypocladenol B

    Tolypocladenol B

    Product Code: CL0619
    CAS #: 942195-19-9
    Formula: C21H27NO5
    Molecular Weight: 373
    Chemical Class: Tetramic acid
  • Treponemycin


    Product Code: CL0006
    CAS #: 7184-60-3
    Formula: C28H43NO6
    Molecular Weight: 490
    Chemical Class: Treponemycin
  • Tricinonoic acid

    Tricinonoic acid

    Product Code: CL0655
    Formula: C15H24O3
    Molecular Weight: 252
    Chemical Class: Sesquiterpene
  • Tryptophandehydrobutyrine diketopiperazine

    Product Code: AD0095
    CAS #: 55062-34-5
    Formula: C16H17N3O2
    Molecular Weight: 283
    Chemical Class: Diketopiperazine
  • Tubermycin B

    Tubermycin B

    Product Code: AD0086
    CAS #: 2538-68-3
    Formula: C13H8N2O2
    Molecular Weight: 224
    Chemical Class: Phenazine
  • Urdamycin A/Kerriamycin B

    Urdamycin A/Kerriamycin B

    Product Code: CL0119
    CAS #: 98474-21-6
    Formula: C43H56O17
    Molecular Weight: 845
    Chemical Class: Napthoquinone
    Bio-activity: Antibacterial, Cytotoxic, Ehrlich ascites carcinoma, g-pos., Murine l1210 leukemia
  • Urdamycin B

    Urdamycin B

    Product Code: JU0097
    CAS #: 104542-46-3
    Formula: C37H44O13
    Molecular Weight: 697
    Chemical Class: Napthoquinone
    Bio-activity: Antibiotic, Cytotoxic, g-pos., Murine l1210
  • Variculanol


    Product Code: AD0056
    CAS #: 135513-21-2
    Formula: C25H40O2
    Molecular Weight: 372
    Chemical Class: Terpenoid
  • Variculanol Diacetate

    Variculanol Diacetate

    Product Code: AD0057
    CAS #: 135513-22-3
    Formula: C29H44O4
    Molecular Weight: 456
    Chemical Class: Terpenoid
  • Variecolin


    Product Code: AD0055
    CAS #: 133101-16-3
    Formula: C25H36O2
    Molecular Weight: 368
    Chemical Class: Terpenoid
    Bio-activity: Angiotensin II receptor binding inhibitor, Antibiotic, g-pos.
  • Venturicidin A; Aabomycin-A1

    Venturicidin A; Aabomycin-A1

    Product Code: PB0006
    CAS #: 33538-71-5
    Formula: C41H67NO11
    Molecular Weight: 749
    Chemical Class: Polyketide
  • Verrucarin J

    Verrucarin J

    Product Code: AD0002
    CAS #: 77101-87-2
    Formula: C27H32O8
    Molecular Weight: 484
    Chemical Class: Trichothecene
    Bio-activity: Antibiotic, Antifungal, Cytotoxic
  • Verrucarin L acetate

    Verrucarin L acetate

    Product Code: CL0654
    CAS #: 77101-88-3
    Formula: C29H34O10
    Molecular Weight: 542
    Chemical Class: Trichotecene
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