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  • AD0065


    Product Code: AD0065
    Formula: C23H38O5
    Molecular Weight: 394
    Chemical Class: Macrolide
  • AD0068


    Product Code: AD0068
    Formula: C43H70O11
    Molecular Weight: 762
    Chemical Class: Macrolide
  • AD0075


    Product Code: AD0075
    Formula: C12H14O6
    Molecular Weight: 254
    Chemical Class: Terpene
  • AD0077


    Product Code: AD0077
    Formula: C12H14O5
    Molecular Weight: 238
    Chemical Class: Furanoterpene
  • AD0089


    Product Code: AD0089
    CAS #: 1449230-01-6
    Formula: C32H41N3O5
    Molecular Weight: 547
    Chemical Class: Diketopiperazine
  • AD0132


    Product Code: AD0132
    Formula: C26H42O6
    Molecular Weight: 451
    Chemical Class: Terpene
  • AD0136

    Product Code: AD0136
    Formula: C27H40O14
    Molecular Weight: 588
    Chemical Class: Glycoside Phenol
  • AD0143

    Product Code: AD0143
    Formula: C15H24O2
    Molecular Weight: 236
    Chemical Class: Terpene
  • AD0148

    Product Code: AD0148
    Formula: C23H32O5
    Molecular Weight: 388
    Chemical Class: Sesquiterpene
  • AD0168


    Product Code: AD0168
    Formula: C40H55N7O9
    Molecular Weight: 777
    Chemical Class: Cyclopeptide
  • AD0178


    Product Code: AD0178
    Formula: C27H36O7
    Molecular Weight: 472
    Chemical Class: Meroterpene
  • AD0180


    Product Code: AD0180
    Formula: C27H34O11
    Molecular Weight: 534
    Chemical Class: Polyketide
  • AD0188

    Product Code: AD0188
    Formula: C27H29N5O5
    Molecular Weight: 503
    Chemical Class: Indole alkaloid
  • AD0204


    Product Code: AD0204
    Formula: C47H80O18
    Molecular Weight: 932
    Chemical Class: Polyether
  • AD0210


    Product Code: AD0210
    Formula: C25H34O6
    Molecular Weight: 431
    Chemical Class: Sesquiterpene
  • Antibiotic WB (CL0553) epimer

    Antibiotic WB (CL0553) epimer

    Product Code: CL0554
    CAS #: 247919-66-0
    Formula: C19H27ClO6
    Molecular Weight: 386
    Chemical Class: Polyketide
  • AR0007


    Product Code: AR0007
    Formula: C33H48O8
    Molecular Weight: 573
    Chemical Class: Macrolactone
  • Aranciamycin


    Product Code: CL0368
    CAS #: 72389-06-1
    Formula: C27H28O12
    Molecular Weight: 544,5
    Chemical Class: Anthracycline
    Bio-activity: Antibiotic, Antifungal, B. subt., Cytotoxic, g-pos., Mycob. sp., S. aureus
  • Arohynapene-B


    Product Code: CL0280
    CAS #: 154445-09-7
    Formula: C18H22O3
    Molecular Weight: 286
    Chemical Class: Polyketide
    Bio-activity: Anticoccidial, Eimeria tenella
  • AS2077715


    Product Code: CL0616
    Formula: C25H41NO7
    Molecular Weight: 468
    Chemical Class: Meroterpene
    Bio-activity: Antifungal
  • Asperglaucide


    Product Code: CL0233
    CAS #: 56121-42-7
    Formula: C27H28N2O4
    Molecular Weight: 444
    Chemical Class: Peptide
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