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  • Asperphenamate


    Product Code: CL0684
    CAS #: 63631-36-7
    Formula: C32H30N2O4
    Molecular Weight: 506
    Chemical Class: Phenylalanine derivative
  • Aspinolide B

    Aspinolide B

    Product Code: JU0058
    CAS #: 188605-15-4
    Formula: C14H20O6
    Molecular Weight: 284
    Chemical Class: Lactone
  • Atramycin A

    Product Code: AD0194
    CAS #: 137109-48-9
    Formula: C25H24O9
    Molecular Weight: 468
    Chemical Class: Anthraquinone
    Bio-activity: Cytotoxic
  • Atramycin B

    Atramycin B

    Product Code: AD0193
    CAS #: 137109-49-0
    Formula: C25H24O8
    Molecular Weight: 452
    Chemical Class: Anthraquinone
    Bio-activity: Cytotoxic
  • Averantin

    Product Code: AR0001
    CAS #: 5803-62-3
    Formula: C20H20O7
    Molecular Weight: 372
    Chemical Class: Anthraquinone
    Bio-activity: Crop mycotoxin
  • Baringolin


    Product Code: AD0037
    CAS #: 1374772-61-8
    Formula: C69H66N18O13S5
    Molecular Weight: 1514
    Chemical Class: Cyclothiopeptide
    Bio-activity: Antibiotic
  • BE-24566B


    Product Code: CL0186
    CAS #: 149466-04-6
    Formula: C27H24O7
    Molecular Weight: 460
    Chemical Class: Anthrabenzoxocinone
    Bio-activity: Antibiotic
  • BE-26263


    Product Code: CL0315
    CAS #: 147716-81-2
    Formula: C32H38O14
    Molecular Weight: 646
    Chemical Class: Macrolactone
    Bio-activity: Antifungal, Estrogen binding inhibitor
  • BE-52440A


    Product Code: CL0355
    CAS #: 195051-22-0
    Formula: C34H34O14S
    Molecular Weight: 698
    Chemical Class: Naphthoquinone
    Bio-activity: Cytotoxic
  • Benastatin A

    Benastatin A

    Product Code: CL0376
    CAS #: 138968-85-1
    Formula: C30H28O7
    Molecular Weight: 500,5
    Chemical Class: Aromatic
    Bio-activity: Glutathione S-transferase inhibitor, Stimulcytotoxicn. of lymphocyte blastogenesis
  • Benastatin C

    Benastatin C

    Product Code: CL0378
    CAS #: 150151-88-5
    Formula: C29H28O5
    Molecular Weight: 456,5
    Chemical Class: Aromatic
    Bio-activity: Glutathione S-transferase inhibitor, Stimulcytotoxicn. of lymphocyte blastogenesis
  • Berninamycin-A


    Product Code: CL0381
    CAS #: 58798-97-3
    Formula: C51H51N15O15S
    Molecular Weight: 1146,1
    Chemical Class: Cyclopeptide
    Bio-activity: Antibiotic, B. subt., g-pos., S. aureus, S. lutea
  • Bhimanone

    Product Code: AR0018
    Formula: C13H14O4
    Molecular Weight: 234
    Chemical Class: Tetralone
  • Bischloroanthrabenzoxocinone


    Product Code: CL0177
    CAS #: 866022-28-8
    Formula: C28H24Cl2O7
    Molecular Weight: 543,4
    Chemical Class: Anthrabenzoxocinone
    Bio-activity: Antibiotic, Inhibitor Type II fatty acid synthesis
  • Bisdethio(bismethylthio)gliotoxin


    Product Code: CL0234
    CAS #: 74149-38-5
    Formula: C15H20N2O4S2
    Molecular Weight: 356,5
    Chemical Class: Diketopiperazine
    Bio-activity: Antibacterial, MRSA, Radical scavenging
  • Brefeldin A

    Brefeldin A

    Product Code: CL0003
    CAS #: 20350-15-6
    Formula: C16H24O4
    Molecular Weight: 280
    Chemical Class: Macrolide
    Bio-activity: Cytotoxic
  • Butyrolactona I

    Butyrolactona I

    Product Code: CL0069
    CAS #: 87414-49-1
    Formula: C24H24O7
    Molecular Weight: 424
    Chemical Class: Aromatic
  • Caerulomycin; Caerulomycin-A; Cerulomycin

    Product Code: CH0001
    CAS #: 21802-37-9
    Formula: C12H11N3O2
    Molecular Weight: 229
    Chemical Class: Bipyriyl
    Bio-activity: Antibiotic, Antifungal, Cytotoxic
  • Carbolactone


    Product Code: CL0082
    Formula: C25H38O3
    Molecular Weight: 386
    Chemical Class: Steroid
  • Carnemycin B

    Carnemycin B

    Product Code: CL0340
    Formula: C23H32O9
    Molecular Weight: 452
    Chemical Class: Phenol
    Bio-activity: Antibiotic, Cytotoxic
  • Carviolin

    Product Code: AD0200
    CAS #: 478-35-3
    Formula: C16H12O6
    Molecular Weight: 300
    Chemical Class: Anthraquinone
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