The 23rd of January Biomar Microbial Technologies participated as speaker for the sessions about Nagoya Protocol, organized in Madrid by FIAB (Federación Española de industrias de Alimentación y Bebidas).  This session focused on the derived laws implementation in Biotechnology Sector.

The first part of the session was conducted by the Ministry of Trasnsition to Green Economy (MITECO) representatives that exposed the current legislation and described the steps needed to obtain the necessary authorizations.

The second part approached the practical issues and challenges that companies have encountered while applying the regulations at a national and international level.

Dr. Jasmina Susíc, Genebank Lead at Bayer company discussed the issue from the plant breeding field.

Carlos Padilla, Head of Mass Espectroscopy at Biomar MT, made a review of the company activity, pointing out the main areas where this legislation (that entered into force on March 2017), affects our workflow and how we have dealed with every challenge we have faced.

In the ensuing discussion MITECO representatives explained some specific aspects of the regulation trying to clear out the practical questions posed by not only private companies, but also by public scientific agencies representatives.

Spanish current regulation and presentations are available in this link.