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  • Baringolin


    Product Code: AD0037
    CAS #: 1374772-61-8
    Formula: C69H66N18O13S5
    Molecular Weight: 1514
    Chemical Class: Cyclothiopeptide
    Bio-activity: Antibiotic
  • Chlamydocin


    Product Code: AD0009
    CAS #: 53342-16-8
    Formula: C28H38N4O6
    Molecular Weight: 527
    Chemical Class: Cyclopeptide
  • Cycloaspeptide A

    Cycloaspeptide A

    Product Code: AD0013
    CAS #: 109171-13-3, 691363-62-9
    Formula: C36H43N5O6
    Molecular Weight: 642
    Chemical Class: Cyclopeptide
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